Up until fairly recently the coffee capsule has been a disposable, or semi-disposable (recyclable – if people actually bother to do so) item, and somewhat limited on the coffee you get to choose from. Now you can refill your own, and here are the top 10 ways it’s changing people’s lives:


You will save money – a tonne of money. Across a year your savings could be anywhere from $100-$259 (if you’re a one coffee, one shot a day person), to $400-$1036 if your Nespresso uses 4 shots per day
You now can use a huge variety of coffee in your Nespresso machine. You will have the ability to use hundreds (ok maybe thousands) of different coffees with a refillable capsule. Just had a fantastic coffee at a café? Buy a bag of their coffee. Want Illy coffee in your capsule? Have it anytime you want.

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