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Environmental damage

55 million coffee capsules become landfill every single day in the world – that’s 20 billion coffee capsules a year! This figure is astounding and growing, and Pod Star is dedicated to helping address the problem with eco friendly products. 

Former Nespresso boss Jean-Paul Gaillard has said that people using non-reusable, aluminium or plastic coffee capsules are choosing convenience over the environment – and believes recycling capsules is not the answer.

Even the inventor of the original coffee capsules, John Sylvan, regrets creating them due to their environmental repercussions.

In Australia alone, over 3 million coffee pods are going to landfill every single day. The convenience of throwing it out is coming as a massive cost, however, and something as small as a coffee pod can make an immense difference. Much like the single-use plastic bag, it's time to address the single use coffee pod.

Pod Star's mission is zero waste with eco friendly products. Our reusable coffee pods made from long lasting stainless steel, helps you to have a zero waste home or business. Even the used coffee grounds can go directly on your garden to repel slugs and snails naturally, and to fertilise the soil. 

Did you know:

  1. Coffee grounds impoves drainage to soil
  2. They attract earthworms
  3. Many gardeners use coffee grounds as a mulch for their plants
  4. It keeps slugs and snails away from plants
  5. Keeps cats away from using your vegie or flower garden as a littler box

Start creating your zero waste home today. Shop zero waste eco products and get your Pod Star reusable coffee pod for Nespresso machines here. We have a beautiful planet, let's keep it litter-free, with the best zero waste products for waste free living.

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