Pod Star Ten Pack for Nespresso®


The Pod Star Ten Pack is perfect for the office or large family. Pack them all at the beginning of the day or night before and use them through out the day. You can also organise a weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery of our freshly ground coffee.

Pod Star capsules and lids are made from high quality, marine grade stainless steel 316L, designed to last. They are a zero-waste product, which is helping to stop the millions of single-use capsules being produced and going to landfill everyday.

Simply fill the capsule with your choice of ground coffee from Pod Star, your coffee supplier or cafe (ask for a Stove Top grind), and place into your Nespresso®*machine. 

Using Pod Star capsules saves you money.

★★★★ check the Pod Star reviews 

Each Pod Star Double Pack includes:

10 x Pod Star Capsules and Lids (Both Stainless Steel 316L)
4 x Spare silicone O-rings
1 x Stainless Steel Coffee scoop

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The Maths:

2 x Pod Star made coffees per day will save up to 730 single use capsules a year being produced and going to landfill or being recycled at a large cost to the environment.

2 x Pod Star made coffees per day will save you between $150 - $300 per year (depending if you use 1 or 2 capsules-full per cup and based on our coffee at $18 per 250g bag and a single-use pod cost of 70c each)

Note: Do not use espresso ground coffee in the capsule, as it's too fine for capsule coffee. We recommend coffee ground for "Stove Top". Results vary depending on how the capsules are used. Pod Star recommends filling 2 Pod Star capsules for Nespresso per cup.

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