Eco Coffee Sampler Pack


Try our Eco Coffee Sampler Pack to discover your favourite.

Each sampler pack contains 100gms of the following Star Eco Coffee:

    • Java Jive (Costa Rica Rainforest Alliance Single Origin)
    • Good Morning Sunshine (Fairtrade Organic Blend)
    • It's Bean a Long Time (Organic Brazilian Single Origin)


Java Jive

We love Rainforest Alliance and this is one of our Star Eco Coffee favourites. One taste and you will be jiving away...

Coffee produced in Costa Rica is often rated the best in the world and we can taste why. Rich in warm hazelnut notes, soft butterscotch touches, apple crumble and icecream cone hits with a good lime-wash acidity. 

Great morning starter.

Single Origin

Strength: 8

Good Morning Sunshine

Like the sun peaking through clouds on a bleak and miserable day, this coffee shows the delicate intensity of warm sun rays touching your face in the morning. 

High-quality Arabica from sustainable producers. This blend combines a full-bodied, smooth Mandheling from Indonesia with a high grown Nicaraguan arabica and the complex Ethiopian bean. Taste sweet apricots, malt, blueberry jam, chocolate and brazil nuts to finish.

A sweet way to start the day.


Strength: 7

It’s Bean a Long Time

Remember walking into your favourite cafe and giving Carlos, the bearded barista, a hello nod and moments later he delivers a coffee exactly how you like it. Yes, It's bean a long time that you and Carlos have been best friends.

This 100% Brazilian Organic bean has a medium soft body with light acidity. It also has a delicate caramel sweetness with subtle fruit flavours.

A great coffee for reminiscing, with a long slow finish that will keep the smile on your face well after your last sip.

Strength: 7

Pod Star recommends: 2 short pours, from 2 filled capsules for Nespresso for strong coffee and 1 filled capsule for K-fee and Caffitaly.

42 K-fee/Caffitaly pods per 300 grams (57c each pod)
60 Nespresso pods per 300 grams (39c each pod)


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