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Number 1 Reusable Caffitaly Pods

Have you chosen to invest in one of the best coffee pod machines on the market but feel a pang of remorse as your bin fills with disposable pods? Now you can enjoy those delicious barista-style coffees without guilt. Our stainless steel coffee pods for Caffitaly machines allow you to get the most out of your coffee machine while remaining eco-friendly by reducing waste. 

Our Caffitaly reusable pods will brew your coffee as intended by Caffitaly ‚ÄĒ bringing out the best aroma and flavours from your chosen blend. However, you are no longer restricted to pre-filled pods and the manufacturers chosen blends when you use Pod Star reusable pods. You will also be freed from adding to environmental waste every time you make a cup of coffee. Caffitaly compatible pods are reusable, refillable with whichever blend of coffee you desire, and, best of all, last a lifetime due to their superior stainless steel quality. With countless 5-star reviews from happy customers, get your hands on our Caffitaly reusable pods today and join the eco-friendly coffee revolution.


How do Caffitaly reusable pods work?

Coffee pods compatible with Caffitaly machines are designed to work in the same manner the disposable manufacturer‚Äôs pods work when it comes to filtration of your chosen blend. The difference is you fill the pods yourself and reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. Try our starter pack, which includes 2 stainless steel pods for your Caffitaly machine, a stainless steel scoop and a bag of Pod Star‚Äôs delicious organic or rainforest alliance coffee, and discover the barista within you while enjoying the most eco-friendly cuppa available. Once brewed, simply empty the pod and rinse it ‚ÄĒ it‚Äôs now ready for the next use.

What are the benefits of using stainless steel Caffitaly coffee pods?

Caffitaly reusable pods allow you the freedom to choose whichever blend of coffee you desire. They can be used over and over again for many years due to their high-quality stainless steel construction, eliminating the need for disposable pods and all the plastic of disposable pods. This means you are not only allowing your Caffitaly machine to work its magic by brewing the ultimate coffee, but you are also investing in the environment by reducing waste. Enjoy the convenience, choice, and peace of mind Caffitaly reusable pods will add to your coffee experience, and remember to keep those used grinds for your garden!

How many reusable Caffitaly coffee pods do I need per serve?

The beauty of our Caffitaly compatible pods is you can add as much or as little coffee to your brew as you like. We recommend 2 pods per cup if you want to replicate the strength of a barista-style coffee. As for the taste, your options are endless. You could even try grinding your own coffee. Take a look at our barista pack or ultimate pack, as they include a tamper to better pack your pods and get the most out of the flavour of your ground beans.

Which coffee machines are your Caffitaly reusable coffee pods best suited for?

Our Caffitaly compatible pods are also compatible with Aldi and Verismo machines. You can find more details on specific machines in our handy compatibility guide. We offer a range of packs for these machines, including our family pack, grinder pack and many more to make your online shopping experience easier. Whatever your needs and interests, you are bound to find the best Caffitaly compatible pods available at Pod Star. Shop online today and try the eco-friendly difference!

Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop


Aldi K-fee, Caffitaly & Verismo Reusable Coffee Pods


Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder


Coffee Pack for Coffee Pods

$23.90 $27.00
SAVE 11%

Aldi K-fee, Caffitaly & Verismo Starter Pack

$95.90 $110.85
SAVE 13%

Coffee Tamper for Aldi, Caffitaly & Lavazza


Aldi K-fee, Caffitaly & Verismo ULTIMATE Pack

$209.95 $250.75
SAVE 16%

Star Spiced Chai


Aldi K-fee, Caffitaly & Verismo Barista Pack

$129.95 $140.85

Aldi K-fee, Caffitaly & Verismo Family Pack

$179.90 $210.07
SAVE 14%

Aldi K-fee, Caffitaly & Verismo Double Pack & Grinder Set

$98.90 $109.90
SAVE 10%

Aldi K-fee, Caffitaly & Verismo TEN Pack

$299.95 $412.45
SAVE 27%

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