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Pod Star are premium quality reusable coffee pods. Pod Star refillable pods are are stainless steel pods with stainless steel lids. No plastic, no plastic parts, and no single use parts. These stainless steel pods are built to last a lifetime. Choose for Nespresso, Vertuo, Aldi Kfee, Caffitaly, Espressotoria, Lavazza and Verismo.

Star Eco Coffee has been carefully selected for it's responsible growing, and it's positive environmental and community impact.  Only accredited coffee is selected by Star Eco Coffee. This way you can be sure it is ethical and environmentally good - you don't have to take our word for it! Organic, Fairtrade, and Rainforest Alliance accredited coffees only. Star Eco Coffee is the perfect coffee to put in reusable coffee pods.

Pod Straw is a stainless steel portable straw. Take it with you anywhere, anytime. Never use a single-use straw again.

Peg Star is the highest quality stainless steel and the largest stainless steel peg produced - so can hold your heaviest washing on the windiest day. They are designed to never break and never rust. Peg Star will stay as beautiful as the look the day you receive them.

Nespresso Reusable Coffee Pods


Aldi K-fee, Caffitaly & Verismo Reusable Coffee Pods


Espressotoria Reusable Coffee Pods


Nespresso Pods Starter Pack

$95.90 $110.85

Nespresso Pods Double Pack & Grinder Set

$98.90 $109.90

Nespresso Pods Barista Pack

$129.95 $140.85

Nespresso Pods Family Pack

$179.90 $210.70

Nespresso Pods ULTIMATE Pack

$209.95 $230.75

Nespresso Pods TEN Pack

$299.95 $349.75

Aldi K-fee, Caffitaly & Verismo Starter Pack

$95.90 $110.85

Espressotoria Starter Pack

$95.90 $100.90

Aldi K-fee, Caffitaly & Verismo Barista Pack

$129.95 $140.85

Aldi K-fee, Caffitaly & Verismo Double Pack & Grinder Set

$98.90 $109.90

Aldi K-fee, Caffitaly & Verismo Family Pack

$179.90 $210.07

Aldi K-fee, Caffitaly & Verismo ULTIMATE Pack

$209.95 $250.75

Aldi K-fee, Caffitaly & Verismo TEN Pack

$299.95 $412.45

Espressotoria Double Pack & Grinder Set

$98.90 $109.90

Espressotoria Barista Pack

$129.95 $140.85

Espressotoria Family Pack

$179.90 $190.80

Espressotoria ULTIMATE Pack

$209.95 $230.75

Espressotoria TEN Pack

$299.95 $349.75

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Reusable Coffee Pods


Nespresso Vertuo Plus Pods Starter Pack

$99.95 $110.90

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Pods Double Pack & Grinder Set


Nespresso Vertuo Plus Pods Barista Pack

$129.95 $140.85

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Pods ULTIMATE Pack

$209.95 $250.75

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Ten Pack

$339.95 $412.70