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Star Spiced Chai

Star Spiced Chai - Fill your Pod Star capsules with the rich, velvety spices of Star Spiced Chai for an indulgent beverage this winter.

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If you love the taste of freshly ground coffee and are passionate about doing your bit for the environment, you’ll simply love Pod Star reusable coffee pods. Made from the highest grade stainless steel, our reusable pods are the most eco-friendly way to savour your favourite coffee from the convenience of your own home.

Our stainless steel coffee pods give you the freedom to choose the coffee you love, in the way you like it. Simply fill your Pod Star refillable coffee pod with your preferred fine-to-medium grind bean, or take advantage of our exclusive eco accredited coffee and let your machine do the rest.

No more settling for low grade, pre-filled pods and needless and harmful plastic and single-use waste. Plus, you’ll save money with every cup you drink. Pod Star is your cost-effective, no-waste reusable coffee pod solution. See what our satisfied customers have to say, and shop our exclusive range today!


How do reusable coffee pods work?

Pod Star reusable coffee pods are easy to use. Using the coffee scoop, simply fill the reusable pod with freshly ground coffee and firmly pack it into the pod with a tamper. Once the pod is full, level it off with the back of the scoop, and place its lid on. Next, pop the pod into your machine, and start the brewing process. For a stronger, richer brew, simply repeat this process with a second filled Pod Star capsule. Finally, sit back and enjoy your freshly made coffee!

If you’d like any more information on our reusable coffee pods, be sure to check out our handy Help Centre online.

What makes Pod Star’s reusable stainless steel coffee pods stand out?

Pod Star’s reusable stainless steel coffee pods are the most eco-friendly reusable pods on the market. Made from the highest marine grade stainless steel, our pods contain no plastic or single-use parts - so no nasty plastic scoops or single-use lids - and we are committed to providing only compostable packaging and carbon-neutral delivery.

We are fully Australian owned and the only reusable coffee pod supplier selling eco-accredited coffee. In addition to all of this, our reusable coffee pods are compatible with many leading machines, including Nespresso, Aldi, Vertuo and Caffitaly.

Are reusable coffee pods worth the investment?

Pod Star‚Äôs reusable coffee pods are absolutely worth the investment. As well as being an eco-friendly choice ‚ÄĒ helping to reduce single-use pod waste ‚ÄĒ reusable pods will save you money over the long term. For example, Pod Star reusable coffee pods for Nespresso machines can save those who have two coffees each day $183 per year. And, our Aldi compatible reusable pods will save you more than $50 each year on average. Looking to buy reusable coffee pods? You simply can‚Äôt go past Pod Star!

What type of coffee can I use with Pod Star’s refillable coffee pods?

The beauty of Pod Star‚Äôs refillable coffee pods is that you get to choose which type of coffee you use! Choose from our selection of eco-accredited coffees or any other freshly ground coffee of your choice. Simply ensure that the coffee you choose is ground to a fine-to-medium ‚Äústovetop‚ÄĚ grind, and you‚Äôre good to go.

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Star Eco Coffee

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Java Jive - Single Origin, Costa Rican, Rainforest Alliance Coffee


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Star Spiced Chai

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