Choose the coffee beans you love


Stop 55 million pods going to landfill daily


Enjoy your coffee for less cost to you

What's a Pod Star?

Pod Star capsules are REUSABLE coffee pods, made from the highest food grade stainless steel. Filling a Pod Star capsule is the most eco-friendly way to use your machine. It gives you the freedom to choose your coffee beans, and it saves you money with every cup you drink.

It's simple to fill the lifetime capsules with your favourite coffee. You can now use freshly ground coffee straight from your barista, or grind any beans you like, or get our freshly roasted and ground fair trade coffee. Our fine-to-medium grind is the key to a perfect Pod Star coffee.

With over 55 million single-use coffee capsules going to landfill every day, Pod Star addresses the problem of waste and cost to our planet. Pod Star is a ZERO WASTE solution to your coffee drinking. Your garden will love the used grounds.

Pod Star - giving you freedom, saving you money, and reducing waste.

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