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Number 1 Reusable Espressotoria Pods

Pod Star were the first and remain the best at producing reusable coffee pods for Espressotoria machines.¬†A robust and economical machine, the Espressotoria makes even better coffee with Pod Star reusable coffee pods.¬†And you know what¬†makes every sip of coffee that much better? Not contributing to single-use waste or plastic use. Introducing ‚ÄĒ our reusable¬†Espressotoria pods.

Pod Star Espressotoria-compatible, reusable pods

Prompted by wanting to enjoy coffee in a way that is less damaging to our environment, Pod Star designs and produces reusable coffee pods. Our refillable¬†Espressotoria pods are made from stainless steel only ‚ÄĒ meaning there are no single-use parts or plastic. Even our lids are stainless steel and fully reusable.

Fully compatible with most Espressotoria pod machines (most Capino, Caprista, Piccolo machines), you can enjoy all your favourite coffee flavours in their all-new environmentally-friendly pods. To start your sustainable coffee journey, purchase one of our various Pod Star Packs, which include our unique reusable pods, scoops, coffee beans and more. If you already have our stainless steel Espressotoria coffee pods, simply stock up on your favourite beans from our Lygon Street Coffee range. Being a conscious coffee connoisseur has never been easier than with Pod Star Espressotoria eco-friendly pods.


How do reusable Espressotoria pods work?

Reusing our coffee pods is easy. All you need are our refillable¬†Espressotoria pods, a coffee scoop and a packet of our delicious, freshly roasted coffee beans. Simply unscrew the stainless steel lid from a coffee pod, use the scoop to pack the pod to the brim with ground coffee and then reattach the lid. Next, pop the full¬†Espressotoria eco-friendly pod into your¬†Espressotoria pod machine and make a coffee as you normally would or follow our guide to get the most out of your coffee enjoyment. When you‚Äôre done, simply wash the pod and repeat ‚ÄĒ it‚Äôs that simple!

Which pods are compatible with Espressotoria machines?

At Pod Star, we have designed a range of Espressotoria compatible pods. Our Espressotoria pods are compatible with the Capino (from 2015), Caprista (from 2015), Piccolo. Check the label on the bottom of your machine. Don't see a date? That's OK, they were only dated prior to 2015 so your machine is compatible. See our full list of compatible machines on our compatibility page.

How do I ensure reusable Espressotoria pods do not damage my machine? Our stainless steel Espressotoria coffee pods have been carefully designed to ensure they won’t damage your machine. We recommend always grinding your coffee beans to a fine to medium consistency or buying coffee already ground to a pod coffee grind and making sure the lid is fully screwed on before placing the pod in your machine.

How many refillable Espressotoria pods do I need per serve?

In order to ensure our Espressotoria eco-friendly pods last a lifetime and fit into your machine, they are slightly smaller than regular disposable pods. For this reason, we recommend using two filled pods or more per cup for strong coffee. For more information about how to make the perfect cup of coffee using our reusable Espressotoria pods, check out our barista guide.

Which Espressotoria pack should I choose?

We have a range of different pod packs to choose from ‚ÄĒ the best one for you will depend on your existing equipment. To kickstart your eco-friendly coffee journey, we recommend our¬†Espressotoria¬†Starter Pack, which includes 2 reusable Pod Star pods, a stainless steel scoop and freshly roasted¬†Star Eco Coffee. For larger households, you can‚Äôt go wrong with our¬†Espressotoria¬†Family Pack.¬†This pack has 4 reusable Pod Star pods, a stainless steel scoop, a coffee tamper and freshly roasted coffee of your choice.¬†Or for the best value, get our¬†Espressotoria¬†10 Pack¬†which has 10 Pod Star reusable pods, plus a stainless steel scoop. If you need a grinder too, be sure to check out our¬†Espressotoria Double Pack & Grinder Set.


Espressotoria Reusable Coffee Pods


Espressotoria Starter Pack

$95.90 $100.90

Espressotoria Double Pack & Grinder Set

$98.90 $109.90
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Espressotoria Barista Pack

$129.95 $140.85

Espressotoria Family Pack

$179.90 $190.80

Espressotoria ULTIMATE Pack

$209.95 $230.75

Espressotoria TEN Pack

$299.95 $349.75
SAVE 14%

Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop


Coffee Tamper for original Nespresso & Espressotoria Pods


Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder


Four Pack


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