Try our range of freshly ground coffee ready for use in your Pod Star capsule. Try purchasing whole beans and grind them yourself with a Pod Star Grinder. Did you know you can obtain a better crema on you coffee simply by grinding your own beans fresh each time you use your Pod Star capsule?
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  • Espresso of Love

    We love Fairtrade and this is one of our Star Eco Coffee favourites. One taste and you will be espressing your love... A Natural full flavoured arabica with typical red...
    From $9.00
  • Good Morning Sunshine

    Like the sun peaking through clouds on a bleak and miserable day, this coffee shows the delicate intensity like the warm rays touching your face in the morning.  High-quality Arabica from sustainable producers....
    From $9.00
  • It's Bean A Long Time

    Remember walking into your favourite cafe and giving, Carlos the bearded barista, a nod and moments later he delivers a coffee exactly how you like it. Yes, It's bean a long...
    From $9.00
  • Quick View Coffee Sampler Pack Rainforest Alliance Star Eco Coffee
    SAVE -11%

    Coffee Sampler Pack

    Can't decide, try our sampler back!  Each sampler pack contains 100gms of the following Star Eco Coffee: Espresso Of Love Good Morning Sunshine It's Bean a Long Time   Espresso...
  • Java Jive

    Costa Rican Rainforest Alliance single origin Coffee produced in Costa Rica is often rated the best in the world. We can taste why! This Rainforest Alliance single origin is rich...
    From $9.00
  • The Decaffinator

    Peruvian Organic Fair Trade single origin decaf Hasta la vista caffeine! Enjoy the strength of flavour without the caffeine hit with our Organic Faitrade Peruvian high altitude coffee. It’s crisp...
    From $9.00
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