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Frequently Asked Questions

Pod Star Capsules

Which machines can I use with your capsule?

Can I make Hot Chocolate using Pod Star?

Can Pod Star capsules damage my machine?

Are Pod Star capsules dishwasher safe?

How many Pod Star capsules do you recommend?

I grind my own beans, what grind level do you recommend?

Can you really use the coffee grounds on your garden?

Will Pod Star work in Aldi or Caffitaly machines?

Aldi K-Fee and Caffitaly machines

Pods getting stuck in the chamber

Lid won't screw off!

Machine fit

I'm having trouble fitting my Nespresso capsule into my machine

Fitting a Pod Star into an Nespresso® Essenza Mini

Coffee making tips and trouble shooting

How to make a great coffee

The water is flowing too quickly through my Pod Star.

My coffee is dripping out of my Machine

How do I make my coffee stronger?

Can I use bought coffee from the supermarket or my local cafe.

Pod Star Grinder

How to use the Pod Star Grinder

How many scoops of beans do I use?

Adjusting the grinder


How long does it take to receive my order?

Do you ship internationally?

Payments and Returns

What payment options are available?


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