Before You Buy Reusable Coffee Pods for Nespresso, Read This.


Deciding to buy reusable coffee pods for Nespresso machines is a great idea for saving money and drinking better coffee, but there are some important things you need to consider before you buy reusable coffee pods. Before you buy reusable coffee pods for Nespresso here is everything you need to know to help you make the choices that are right for you.

1. How durable are the reusable pods for Nespresso

There are several styles of reusable pods on the market, and they are not all equal in durability or sustainability. Some pods have a base that is stainless steel but a lid that is plastic, paper, or foil. The reusable pods that do not have a stainless steel lid are not as durable or sustainable – with some lids only being able to be used once, and some lasting for only a number of months before additional lid purchases need to occur. The most durable and sustainable reusable pods for Nespresso use 316 (marine grade) stainless steel, with screw on stainless steel lids. Some pods are thin, and created in a mould which reduces their strength and durability. Generally if the lid can screw on, it is an individually machine-made reusable coffee pod, and the steel is thicker making the reusable pod for Nespresso stronger. There are even pods made of plastic, and while we say no to single use plastic, it's also important to not buy any plastic that will end up in the bin after just a few uses either.

2. What will I need in addition to the pods

When refilling reusable pods for Nespresso, you will need something to fill it with. A teaspoon can be used, but it’s a lot easier to use a specially-designed scoop that fills the reusable pod with less spillage. If the scoop has a flat base, it can also be used as a tamper to tamp the coffee firmly into the reusable Nespresso pod. A heavy, stainless steel tamper is also useful, and can help to compact the coffee when it’s ground a little on the coarser side. This gives a bigger, fuller flavour to the coffee. You will also need coffee, and reusable coffee pods for Nespresso take a particular grind of coffee. Check out which coffee you need here.


3. Which coffee can be used in reusable pods for Nespresso 

As with all different types of coffee-making equipment, whether that be a café espresso machine, a stove top machine, or a plunger, Nespresso machines require a specific coarseness of coffee to make the coffee well. When the coffee is ground too coarsely, the water flows through too quickly and the coffee made is weak. When the coffee is ground too finely, the water struggles to flow through the pod at all. The recommended grind is a little coarser than espresso grind and a little finer than stove top grind. A good way to begin any reusable pod journey is to start with coffee that has been specially ground for coffee pods. 


4. Is my machine compatible with reusable pods

Not all Nespresso machines take reusable coffee pods, and it’s very important to check compatibility guides to see if your machine is compatible with the reusable pods for Nespresso you are buying. If there is no compatibility guide available, or your machine is not shown on the guide, then check with the company selling the reusable pods by sending a photo of your machine via email. Don’t forget, there are the original sized pods for Nespresso and then there are the Vertuoline pods for Nespresso. Each of these types of machines will require a different shaped reusable pod. Some reusable coffee pods can make the lever feel stiff when closing the machine. This is normal – as long as your machine is shown as compatible, the reusable coffee pods can be used in your Nespresso.


5. How will I clean my reusable pods

Reusable pods with reusable lids are very simply to clean. They can be too hot to remove right after making the coffee, so wait a few minutes before you handle them. Then take them out of the pod catcher, screw open the lid, and with a dinner knife, run the knife on the inside edge of the pod to get the used coffee grinds out. You can place the coffee grinds onto your garden, or in your compost. Then you just need to rinse the pod of any remaining grinds and leave it to dry for the next use. Nespresso reusable coffee pods and their lids can go into the dishwasher for a thorough clean. Doing this every few uses will help to get out any grinds that may have become caught in the holes of the reusable pod.

6. Are the pods and accessories free from plastic

When purchasing a reusable pod for Nespresso, it's important to check if the pods come with any plastic accessories, or packaging. There are reusable Nespresso pods available that do not come with any plastic, and we believe when there is an option to go plastic free, it’s the best option for sustainability and the care of our planet. Say no to single use plastic. Plastic takes over 300 years to break down in landfill and if it gets recycled, it can generally only be recycled once before it is destined for landfill. 


7. Will I need to purchase any additional parts

Some reusable pods for Nespresso require the ongoing costs of single-use lids in either paper or foil, you will also need to replace plastic or silicon lids. Pod Star reusable pods offer stainless steel lifetime reusable lids and with these ones the lids will not need to be replaced. There may be a silicon o-ring that needs replacing every 1 to 2 years. The silicon o-rings cost around $2 each. You will need to purchase coffee to fill the coffee pods.

8. Is there help available

Changing from disposable pods to reusable pods requires some new learning and adapting to a new way of using your Nespresso pod machine, so it is important you have the help and support you need to make this short transition. Look for a brand of reusable pod that gives you video help, website help and email assistance. You are making a sustainable change and a little bit of help goes a long way to giving you confidence to make the eco coffees you love to drink.

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