Sonia H. Verified Buyer

This product is so handy and works very well with my Nespresso delongi 

Helen F. Verified Buyer

As advertised 
The podsta works as advertised. Nice and easy and of course environmental. I’m yet to find the right strength coffee but the pod itself is great 

Matthew J. Verified Buyer

Great design 
Really great product design. They look and feel very high quality and do the job well. Would be great if they were able to pressurise a bit more—coffee would turn out better. But for the limitations of a reusable pod they do a fantastic job. 

Lynda V. Verified Buyer

Love my podstar 
Love my podstar 

Ben M. Verified Buyer

Great pod replacement 
Bought this so we don’t have to waste countless pods.  

Works great, had a few failures figuring it out.  
Trickiest part is finding coffee that’s the right grind, barely any pre packaged grounds say what grind level they are. We ended up buying beans from our local cafe and getting them ground for us.  

Consider buying two if you have two people drinking coffee, not a huge hassle washing and prepping the same one but more convinient to have the two.

Nicole A. Verified Buyer

Works perfect 
I like that the podsta eliminates coffee pods going into landfill. It is easy to use, fits perfectly into my machine and saves me money!

Ebru B. Verified Buyer

An easy to use, environmentally conscious product that allows nespresso machine owners to enjoy a larger range of ground coffee. 

Louisette B. Verified Buyer

great and useful little pod! 
I've been looking around for a re-usable pod for a while and this one is very good. Easy to use, easy to clean and makes a decent coffee.  

Still trying to work out the right amount of coffee/ tamping to use but getting there and after having tried a few pods, this one is the best so far I actually prefer normal Lavazza ground coffee than the sample provided and would give it 4.5 stars but it won't let me :-) 

Anna C. Verified Buyer

Love this! 
I love that I’m no longer buying pods that end up in the rubbish or recycling. It took a few days to work out how much coffee to use to make it how I like, but it’s so easy to use and clean. I love it so much I just bought my parents some for Christmas! Thanks for an awesome product and the best customer service! 

Bree Verified Buyer

Was so excited when I purchased a Podsta reusable coffee capsule. Knowing that I was helping our environment and making a difference. Great packaging, great product, love it! Now I can use my own coffee beans. Such a brilliant idea. Thank you Podsta!!!!

Brett D. Verified Reviewer

Exactly What I Have Been Waiting For 
What an Ingenious Idea. I bought the Podsta, a bag of "Espresso Of Love" coffee beans and all I can say is WOW, not only was I totally impressed with simplicity of using the Podsta but the coffee beans were the icing on top. This is some of the nicest coffee I have had in long time. Combine all this with the fact that it has such a positive impact on the environment and I don't think I will need to buy those other pods detrimental to the environment ever again. Congratulations to the people at Podsta you have done an amazing job, 5 stars 

Gary S Verified Reviewer

Loving it 
I have finally brought home my favourite coffee with the help of Podsta. I’m amazed with the ease and convenience of this product. Not only am I helping the environment but I’m also saving money. Easy to fill and easy to clean. Best of all you can fill it with your favourite blend of coffee. 

Kathleen S. Verified Buyer

Stainless steel Nespresso pods 

Great product and a supa way to save and still have your favourite coffee.

Robert W. Verified Buyer

My podsta pack 
I recently received my double podsta pack. Filling and using the reusable pods was very simple and effortless, the same as cleaning the pods after using. The instructions that came with the pods was easy to follow and understand. 

Carla C. Verified Buyer

Great way to reduce waste and stop using so many pods. Definitely buy 2 if you prefer a stronger coffee. Only downside is the coffee isn't as hot as it is when I use a Nespresso pod. Minor issue only. 

Janice E. Verified Buyer

Quite happy with the podsta's. 
Quite happy with the podsta's. I'm still trying to get the right grind on the coffee to make sure the water can push through!

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