The Decaffinator - Single Origin Peru Fairtrade


Hasta la vista caffeine!

Enjoy the strength of flavour without the caffeine hit with our Organic Faitrade Peruvian high altitude coffee. It’s crisp and hard hitting, with flavours to melt the tongue of burnt toffee, cashew. walnut and orange peel, ending with a clean finish and a mellow body.

This is an exceptionally smooth coffee for easy drinking day and night. Sleep well knowing you’re drinking an organic coffee, that’s also accredited Fair Trade and allow the beauty of Peru to take you on a journey with the Incas, up in the mountaintops surrounded by llamas and rainforests.

Strength: 8

Pod Star recommends: 2 short pours, from 2 filled capsules, per cup.  Please note that results vary depending on how the capsules are used.

50 pods per 200 grams
124 pods per 500 grams
248 pods per 1kg

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