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This unique pod had proved very popular indeed. Please feel free to pre-order and we will ship it to you after August 30.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This is a no plastic, no silicone product

This stainless steel coffee capsule for Expressi machines gives you the ability to be your own barista and use any freshly roasted coffee beans you choose.

Our K-fee pod will also fit Verismo machines.

No longer do you have to be restricted by pre-filled coffee pods, now you can use any beans you like!  The world of capsule coffee making just expanded allowing you to have a better coffee.

Did you know that the Aldi K-fee® coffee pods holds more coffee than many of coffee pods sold, so you get more coffee per cup.

We recommend our stainless steel tamper for packing your pod to perfection. If you would like a plastic measuring spoon, these are sold seperate.

Each Pod Star Single Pack includes:

1 x Pod Star Capsule for Aldi K-fee.

See how easy it is to make a great coffee with Pod Star

Please note: Not screwing the lid on correctly could result in your pod getting stuck in the chamber. Please read this FAQ.

Fits EXPRESSI Cube 595 machine only does not fit EXPRESSI Wave 593 or Empire 582 or Latessa 587 machine